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About Us

Petacle's story starts from a little girl's deep affection for cat. Yaya, born in 2015, is Howard's daughter. She is born to be crazy on cat. Her most frequently-spoken sentence is "I'm a tiny cat". As she grows up, her wish to keep a cat is becoming stronger and stronger. But unfortunately, her mother's serious allergy to pet hair stops Yaya from getting a cat.

As Yaya's father, Howard always hopes to relieve his daughter from the deep disappointment. In 2019, Howard happened to find a studio which could provide custom fashion jewelry made out of people's photo and was deeply attracted by the vivid image on the product. Howard asked the studio if they could manage to use a cat's photo to make a necklace. After getting a positive reply, Howard got a photo of Yaya's favorite cat named Happy, which is kept by Yaya's uncle, and sent it to the studio for making a custom cat necklace. Howard couldn't forget the moment when Yaya got this necklace as her 4-year old birthday gift. She laughed happily and just couldn't move her eyes away from the necklace for even a second. 

This experience inspired Howard and he felt it was really cool to provide affordable but high quality custom pet themed products to pet lovers online. That's how Petacle came into being.

As demand for our products quickly increases, Petacle has built up its own professional team. Now Petacle has full-time designers, customer service and warehouse handler. What's more, Petacle also invested in more high quality equipment, which helps upgrade product quality and shorten lead time.